How much does membership cost?

Membership starts from just £2 per month for Silver membership. Silver membership gives you access to everything. Gold membership also gets your name listed in my public YouTube videos. You can pay monthly or yearly – yearly is slightly cheaper.

Why do I have to pay for this content?

Some videos work well on ‘public’ YouTube and others simply don’t. Putting out niche content that doesn’t get watched can actually be quite damaging to a YouTube channel and I’ve learned this the hard way! That said, I do have a lot more to share with you. The extra content on this site has taken thousands of hours of work to put together. It’s not funded by advertising and it’s completely independent. I’m hoping it brings you value way in excess of the subscription fee. If it doesn’t you can cancel your membership at an time (more info below).

How much is £2? At the time of writing…

  • £2 = €2.23 (EUR)
  • £2 = $2.66 (USD)
  • £2 = $3.62 (AUD)
  • £2 = $3.48 (CAD)
  • £2 = $3.96 (NZD)
  • £2 = 195.46 Indian Rupee

It seems very cheap – can I pay more than the membership fee?

Thank you so much! I’ve tried to pick a membership fee that’s fair on a worldwide basis. I’m more than happy for you to just support the channel via your subscription fee but yes! You can add a one-off donation through the ‘Make a Gift’ option at checkout. Thanks again for supporting the creation of independent content!

Can I cast videos to Google Chromecast?

I don’t use YouTube any more for exclusive content since Vimeo is better and I’m trying to avoid an ‘all eggs in one basket’ scenario. Unfortunately this means missing out on the intrinsically monopolistic links between YouTube and Google ;-). Don’t panic! You can still cast using the ‘Cast my screen’ option from the Google Home app. Just select the TV you want to cast to within Google Home and click ‘Cast my screen’.

Cast my screen

What are the password requirements?

This site uses strong passwords by default – this is important to main security of the whole site. There’s no set rules for passwords other than it being a minimum of 12 characters long. The system automatically determines whether your password is easy to guess. Tips to ensure your password is accepted:

  • Make sure it’s at least 12 characters long
  • Try having a mix of upper and lower case letters
  • Try adding numbers
  • Try adding symbols such as ! ” ? $ % ^ & )

You don’t need to use all of the above and the system will tell you if your password isn’t strong enough.

When you log in you will get 5 attempts at your password and then your account will be locked out for 4 hours. So you’re best using the ‘Lost password’ link before locking out your account. Using strong passwords is essential to maintain security of the site for everyone.

Why are you ditching Patreon?

I’m not ditching Patreon… yet! This is an alternative to Patreon. I think it’s a better platform more suited to the sort of content I create. At the end of the day Patreon are just a middle-man – they don’t even host the videos. They take a considerable cut and put themselves in the middle of a transaction between me and my channel supporters. As the channel grows this becomes a bigger and bigger risk. If anything happens to Patreon not only would I lose your support but I’d also have no way of letting you know about a new platform. Using this site means you’re supporting the channel directly.

I’m not taking anything away from folk who still share their content on Patreon – I personally support many of them! That said, if you’re not aware by now where have you been?! I’m a total control freak.

How to I cancel my Patreon membership?

Unfortunately Patreon don’t make it particularly easy to cancel your membership. The whole process is just a big… shifty. This is how to do it via a desktop web browser:

1. Navigate to ‘Manage memberships’ (top right of screen):

How to Cancel Patreon

2. Find the membership you wish to cancel and click ‘Edit’:

How to Cancel Patreon

3. Click ‘Edit or Cancel Membership’:

How to Cancel Patreon

4. Click ‘Cancel your membership’:

How to Cancel Patreon

5. Fill out the cancellation survey and you should be done.

6. Having problems cancelling Patreon? Are they haranguing you to sign up to a different membership tier?

Yup, this is very shifty and par for the course I’m afraid. I’m equally disgusted by this. If you’re signed up to an older tier that doesn’t exist any more you may see the screen below. You’ll notice there’s no ‘Edit or Cancel Membership’ option. Do NOT click ‘Join’. Instead you’ll need to click ‘Make a custom pledge’:

How to Cancel Patreon

7. Click ‘Edit or Cancel Membership’

How to Cancel Patreon

8. Click ‘Cancel your membership’

How to Cancel Patreon

You should then be able to follow the remaining cancellation steps and you should be done. If you have any problems with this do get in touch.

Do you store my credit card details?

No. We have no visibility of your complete credit card number or security details. Recurring subscriptions are securely handled via Stripe or PayPal.

How do I cancel my membership on this site?

You have complete control over your membership on this site. Hit ‘My Account’ in the top right (or bottom of the page) and click ‘Cancel’ in the ‘My Memberships’ section:

How to cancel membership

As an absolutely last resort you can also carry out a manual cancellation via your credit card company or PayPal. There’s more information about how to do this in the Terms and Conditions. Any problems don’t hesitate to get in touch.