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Welcome to the Gosforth Handyman Member Zone! A whole load of extra content for fans of the Gosforth Handyman YouTube channel. Join this exclusive community and you’ll get access to job pricing information, SketchUp tutorials for beginners, a member-only forum and loads more. If you don’t feel you’re getting value from your subscription or perhaps your financial circumstances have changed, you can cancel your membership at any time. No adverts, no politics, no trolls. Simple as that.

Join now for just £2 per month

How does it work?

You can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. Your subscription gives you access to exclusive articles and videos via this website. You can sign up for as little as £2 and you can cancel your subscription at any time. So yes, for £2 you can get access to all the member-only content and you can then cancel your subscription if it’s not for you. You also get full access to the exclusive member-only forum – a place to learn from other members and discuss ideas without trolls, spam or adverts. This whole site is privacy focused – unlike most websites, we don’t track your every move.

Is this instead of Patreon?

In short, yes! Patreon was great while the channel was small but they’re really just a middle-man. Patreon don’t even host the videos! As the channel grows it makes more sense to host this content myself. It gives me much more long-term flexibility. If you prefer to use Patreon that’s absolutely fine but you’ll be missing out on exclusive content only available to Member Zone subscribers. Give it a try and see what you think!


I’m a control freak.

What do I get?

  • Exclusive member-only articles & videos
  • Detailed job costing information
  • Member-only forum
  • Your name credited in my videos (gold membership only)

You also get my eternal thanks for supporting the channel directly. You can browse through the content here. You’ll not get access to the full articles and videos until you cough up!

Gosforth Handyman Member Zone
Join now for just £2 per month

Why aren’t these videos on YouTube?

YouTube is a strange beast. Some videos work well and some don’t. Unfortunately the content on this site is just too niche for YouTube. This isn’t just a money thing – putting very niche videos on YouTube can actually damage my channel and cause it to be down-ranked. This is just a better home for such content.

Privacy Focused

Most websites use tracking technologies. These systems monitor your movements between different sites to bombard you with targeted advertising. It’s not great and the implications on personal privacy through sites such as Facebook are huge. None of that here – if you don’t believe me look at what Firefox thinks of this site:

Almost all of the videos on this site are hosted separately from YouTube to keep tracking from those lovely global conglomerates to an absolute minimum!

Where do I sign?

You can join here. Silver membership gives you access to everything. Gold membership means you get your name in the credits of my public videos:

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