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SketchUp Articles

Membership gives you full access to my SketchUp Tutorial for Beginners course. SketchUp is an invaluable FREE design tool for woodworkers, construction workers and DIYers alike. It lets you plan things in 3D and can be used for everything from making a simple table through to full architectural work. Also great for things like garden design, room layouts and a whole host of other stuff. In this series of articles we’ll go through the basics of using SketchUp from absolute beginner level.

Pricing Up Work

One of the most common questions I’m asked about is how to price up work. It’s a subject that few tradespeople talk about and I think that needs to change. In this series of articles I’m going to be totally up-front and honest about how much I’ve charged customers for various jobs. I’ll even share some of my biggest mistakes!

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Most websites use tracking technologies. These systems monitor your movements between different sites to bombard you with targeted advertising. It’s not great and the implications on personal privacy through sites such as Facebook are huge. None of that here – if you don’t believe me look at what Firefox thinks of this site:

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