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Project Costings

This is a new area that I’ll be developing considerably over the coming years.

  • How much does it cost to renovate a terraced flat in the UK?
  • How much does an extension cost?
  • How much does a large property renovation cost?
  • What do structural engineer plans look like and how much do they cost?

If you’re carrying out a large building project you should arm yourself with as much information information as possible. Don’t go in to it blind.

Exclusive articles and videos

If you have any questions you can comment on the individual articles or of course ask any questions from other members via the Exclusive Members Forum.

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Pricing of Joinery & Woodworking Jobs

I ran a successful property maintenance and woodworking business for several years. One of the most common issues I encountered with other businesses was that they didn’t know how much to charge – “I’m a plumber not a businessman!” – I heard this time and time again! Coupled with this customers didn’t know if they were being ripped off. My aim with this series of articles and videos is to be totally open and honest about how I priced my work – warts and all. I even go in to considerable detail explaining work that I under-charged for and the implications this had on my business.

Alcove unit costs
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SketchUp Tutorials

Whether you’re a hobby woodworker, professional cabinetmaker or property developer, SketchUp is an invaluable tool for transforming your ideas in to 3D models that you can show your customers. A lot of people are apprehensive about using it since the learning curve is quite steep and a lot of the more popular videos on YouTube are quite hard to follow. I put together a series of articles and videos explaining how to use SketchUp from the ground up. From the absolute basics through to essential shortcut keys and ultimately creating your own furniture models and floor plans. You could easily spend £500+ on classroom-based SketchUp training. Or you can just join the Gosforth Handyman Member Zone and learn the basics yourself in your own time!

SketchUp for Noobs
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Small Business Information

You may already be aware that I run a smaller channel called the Small Business Toolbox. My aim on that channel is to demystify some of the common practices surrounding running a small business. Mostly UK-focused but there’s a lot of information on the channel and website that applies wherever you are in the world.

As part of the Small Business Toolbox, from time to time I give away spreadsheets and other useful tools that might assist you in running your own business. From hourly rate calculators through to invoice templates and more. So you don’t need to support me on two separate channels I will give you access to all of that additional business-focused content via the Gosforth Handyman Member Zone.

Small Business Information

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